Free Crochet Rose Pattern

Hey Everyone!  I have something fun today!  A crochet flower pattern!  I made a video tutorial too if you are a beginner.




The pattern:
Chain 28
2nd chain from hook sc in each space.  turn work.
Start petal in 2nd sc from hook.  sc, hdc, dc, tbc, dc, hdc, sc all in same sc space.  slip stitch in next space and repeat. (so there is a petal in every other sc space)
On the last chain, puff stitch to finish. (puff: yarn over {yo} insert into space, yo bring back through, yo, back into same space, yo back through {5 loops on hook} yo, draw through 5 loops.

Click here if you can’t see the video.

❋ This is my own pattern.  Feel free to use my pattern for personal use and please link back to this page.  Thank you!!!

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  1. says

    Hi Melanie!

    I’d been looking for a flower pattern that was just a little bit different and I think your pattern fits the bill perfectly! I doubled the pattern to make a really large flower that sits more on the side of the hat. My daughter loves it! I used the colors of her Irish Dancing school and she wears it with pride. :-) Thank you so much for sharing your pattern.


  2. says

    Hi Inmade a blanket for my moms friends babby girl. And a friend of mine wants a baby blanket but she has a little boy. I feel like a lot of the things you do are really girlish. Even if they are really cute I don’t want to give her a girl blanket. If you would please reply to my comment I would be really thankful. But please don’t try to use my e mail it is down right pleas just tell me what you think I should do.
    Love your work
    God bless

  3. Michelle says

    VERY cute I am always looking for new flowers for my crochet hats….I like to glue pins on the back of the flowers so I can pin them everywhere. You are fast becoming my fav Blogger!!! Between this, and the sewing machine post!!!!
    Thanx for posting!!!!!


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