Bow Beanie Crochet Pattern: Now for Sale!

Hi Everyone!  Hope you had a nice weekend and Monday.  I finished up my first pdf pattern yesterday!  I’m pretty proud of it and really hope you all like it!  I have been making the Bow Beanie for awhile now and I always got questions about the pattern and if I would share.  I couldn’t share the basic beanie portion of the pattern because it wasn’t mine, so I always gave a wishy washy answer and tried to explain in an email the bow part.

So I finally decided to sit down and make my own beanie pattern.  It kinda took forever!!  LOL! But I am happy with the results and enjoy making my new version much more.  It works up a little faster and I worked out some of the issues I had with the other pattern… Anyway, here are some photos of the beanies!

It comes in 3 sizes: Toddler, Teen-Women’s small and Women’s.


The pattern also has a lot of photos for us visual learners out there, which is something I haven’t seen much in crochet patterns and costs $5 for the 3 page pdf document.


The pink and charcoal beanies in this photo are also for sale here.



Here is the link to the pattern in my etsy shop!

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  1. Andrea says

    I recieved my bow beanie pattern a few days ago and now i can now longer accsess the instructions for it when i click on the picture. It says it no longer exists.

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