Design Surface Patterns From Scratch Blog Tour


Hello Everyone! I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was learning Adobe Illustrator.  I started by taking a class and at the end of the class I felt like I had a good understanding of what the program could do, but not a lot of specific skills and I was a little lost [...]

Improv Flowers and National Sewing Month


Hey Everyone!  September is National Sewing and Quilting Month and Fat Quarter Shop has organized an “I Love Quilting and Sewing” Blog tour to celebrate all month long.  They have challenged us to do something we have never done before… And I decided to play around with some improv piecing and flowers.  I’m sure this [...]

One Way to Change Color in Crochet


Hey Everyone! My last YouTube video showed you how to make a really simple beginner scarf.  I tried to film it nice and slow so a beginner could follow along for their first project.  I wanted to include the color change tip in that video, but because of the length and the fact that it [...]

Current Fabric Favorites


Hi there!  Today I wanted to share with you some of my current fabric favorites.  Quilting cottons are in a constant rotation with many designers creating 2 lines per year.  It’s so hard to keep up sometimes!  I love to stay on trend and get the latest and greatest fabric that everyone is fawning over [...]

Color Palettes


Hey Everyone! How is everyone’s week going?  It’s almost the weekend!  We started homeschooling this week, which has been going better than I expected.  Since my son is an older Kindergartener many of the concepts are very easy for him to understand and we completed the days work quickly.  So now the strategy will be [...]

New Beginner Crochet Pattern


Hey Everyone! Well today was the first day of homeschool and I survived!  Haha I knew I would but we’ll see how I feel in a month or two!  It didn’t take as long as I was anticipating and I was even able to squeeze in a workout and get my new video uploaded. Speaking [...]

Progress in illustrator


Hi Everyone!  So I wanted to share with a little bit of the progress I have been making in illustrator.  For those of you who don’t know Adobe illustrator is a vector based graphics program and is great for making logos, graphic design, surface patterns etc.  I took a class a few weeks back [...]

Pencil Pouch Video Tutorial


Hey Everyone!  Last week I was trying to decide which tutorial to film next.  My plan was to do a crochet tutorial, but I was worried I wouldn’t get it done in time (crochet tutes take forever!).  I was looking at my fabric and thought… Oh my goodness!   I need to do a back [...]

New Endeavor! Homeschool! AH!


Hi there everyone! I mentioned in my last post that I would talk a little bit more about our decision to homeschool and share a little bit about what we will be doing and how we’ll organize our day! So yes, we are homeschooling. For now anyway. I never ever thought I would be a [...]

Feature Friday!


Happy Friday Everyone! Any amazing plans for the weekend?  We are having as much family time as possible before my husband starts back at USC next week and before we get a little bit busier with homeschooling in September.  Maybe the pool? Library? Park? Anyway, here is the Feature Friday posts for this week!  If [...]